12 thoughts on “You’re In My Spot

    1. Yes, Sammy’s a cutie. He’s been visiting with us while his mommy was on vacation in Africa. The happy reunion took place today. I think Chi’s just as happy not to have to share her spot or humans with Sammy as he was to have his mommy back! xoxoM

    1. Or, perhaps, they’re very clear on what is theirs in the first place, lol. In this case, Sammy was the visitor and definitely encroaching on her territory. Nice to see you! I’m guessing you’ve been having treatment and hope all is well. xoxoM

      1. Unfortunately no real treatment yet, just lots & lots & lots of tests. Apparently COPD can also have an adverse effect on your heart so I’ve been undergoing some scary tests to check my heart, lots of x-rays & ultrasounds to try to find out why I’m in a lot of pain, appointments with psychiatrist to get my meds adjusted because depression & anxiety are rampant with COPD. And as always fighting with Disability to try to get some help – my meds are close to $600/mo. & will probably get higher as I get sicker, but Disability thinks I should still be “able to do some kind of work.” ❤

      2. Yeah, I don’t understand the parameters that are used to qualify for disability (both in this country and in yours). It seems to me that if we, as a society, were a little less fearful of being taken advantage of and a little more mindful of helping everyone be healthy, with food and a roof over our heads that we don’t have to sell our souls for, a good education to be able to contribute to everyone’s upliftment, we’d all be better off. That’s just me…

        One of my dear hula sisters lives with Cystic Fibrosis. She has far outpaced all life expectancy predictions, and while much of her day is consumed in taking care of her health, she still finds joy in her life. I hope, dear L, that when the fear subsides, the joy will bubble up! xoxoM

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