Defining Infinity

www.mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.comMy sweet amiguita, Millie, wrote about The Weight of Data, a topic her beloved has been ruminating with some loss of sleep.  It appears my sweet husband and I have similar conversations.  He defines himself as an atheist who doesn’t believe in the existence of a “bearded sky fairy controlling my life” and does not understand the “release-all-love-all-unicorn-saves-the-world mentality” that Millie describes.  I, on the other hand, define myself as an expression of the Enormity that is All, with no need to believe anything because I simply know.  Something more in line with Millie’s view.

In pondering Millie’s post, it came to me that many of us approach the concept of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, etc., from the standpoint of form or mass.  It seems that we buy into the concept that it is form that comes first, then evolves or transmutes into something else.  What if we’re looking at this issue upside down?  What if it’s not form that evolves and transmutes into something higher, but the Enormity  that is All (my definition, because I can’t think of anything larger or more neutral to call it) simply expressing, temporarily, as the form or mass that we experience in daily life?

I’m not a scientist, a scholar, nor do I have any formal credentials from any accredited institution.  I just like to think. From my standpoint, in attempting to define infinity through finite understandings, we are, essentially, trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle.

 My sweet husband has survived a number of strokes, and although his brain has been impaired in its ability to transmit and/or express his thoughts, wishes, ideas, those very same thoughts, wishes, ideas have not stopped.  His mind is still as clear, lucid, and brilliant as it’s always been.  As it’ll always be.  I see the brain – the mass, the tissue, the form – as the transmitter of That which is his infinite essence (I’d call it Soul, but he vehemently disagrees with that concept) expressing through this temporary, finite form that he’s taken on.

Why would thoughts, those expressions of infinity and eternity evident in our daily lives, have to be confined to a finite definition, such as mass?  And why would a defined mass have a greater magnitude of credibility than eternity?

I’ll ponder that some more!


15 thoughts on “Defining Infinity

  1. I love your brainstorming and questioning on this topic! Something that passes us daily but we never take the time to fully put our finger on it! I’m very intrigued by this post and am looking forward to more!

  2. It seems humans have limiters – like those blinders some horses wear so they can’t see things that would upset them, scare them, confuse them from their tasks. These bodies are water and electric impulses…if energy is never created or destroyed – thoughts are then? What is “solid” to us is really a constantly moving jumble of atoms…everything’s jiggling and dancing….maybe the blinders serve a purpose? Not sure how this dovetails into your post, but it’s sort of that direction. enjoyed the wanderings

    1. Yes, I agree with you. As I see it, we are limitless, infinite, eternal beings having a temporary, finite, corporeal experience. Because the experience is finite, temporarily, while we’re having it, we limit that which we experience, we wear the blinders. Free will, in this viewpoint, comes into play when we choose how limited or unlimited we’d like to experience. We don’t always have to remember the totality of our limitlessness; it’s good to know it’s there when we wish to do so, when we’re ready to shift our blinders a little…or a lot! Thanks, for stopping by and sharing your wisdom. It’s nice to have company in the wanderings! xoxoM

  3. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Amazing what one conversation. Can bring up. Your story and expression is beautiful. I am touched to the core. Mucho love dear friend. We are all so very much connected in ideas, information and love

  4. I think we are all connected like a Mobius strip that represents life and death. It is infinity and we are all at different points on that strip. The mind is infinite because it cannot be contained. I would call it the universal mind. Does any of this make sense?

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