Reality: A Contemplation
Memory by Augustus Lukeman, memorial fountain for Isidor and Ida Straus, Straus Park, Broadway & W 106 Street, NYC

Once a week, I sit down to breakfast at a local diner with a dear friend.  We talk about what’s going on in our lives, about things that trouble us or give us joy, about the things that long-time friends talk about.  He worries about what will happen in ten years based on his situation today.  When I point out to him that he can’t predict his situation in ten years, he tells me, fretfully, that he must deal with the reality of the here and now.

Recently, I read that the reality I experience around me is the product of old thoughts made manifest.  Although a product of my mind, and of the collective Mind, it appears to have weight and heft.  It seems to be, somehow, solid and, therefore, it needs to be dealt with now.  I’ve certainly been brought up with that belief and viewpoint, and I empathize completely with those who share it.  That definition of reality, however, of being old thoughts, stuck with me.

 If the reality I’m experiencing now, that collection of circumstances, events, perception, state of being that is my life now, is my old thoughts made manifest, what would it take to change my reality? Will my reality change if I change my job? My friends? Lose weight? Move? Get another degree?  Perhaps. For a time. I’ve gone down those roads before with varying degrees of satisfaction and success.

Reality is old thoughts made manifest.  Maybe it’s time to manifest some new thoughts…

9 thoughts on “Reality: A Contemplation

    1. Yes, I love to sit by Memory, listen to the water trickling through the fountain and watch the birds joyfully bathing. Collect thoughts or just have them? The Mind is always changing so, I suppose, the good news would be that if I don’t like the way my new thoughts are manifesting, I can simply have some more and continue tinkering with my reality, practicing to have the one that pleases me…perhaps…xoxoM

    1. It’s a beautiful oasis, Mike, right where West End Ave. ends at Broadway. Too far uptown for most tourists, too far downtown for the Columbia crowd to trek to. Perfect for the locals! 😉 xoxoM

  1. I could manifest some new thoughts with this fountain as inspiration. I do think there is something to what you’re saying. Someone told me that when you’re focusing on the “bad”, you should write down 20 reasons why something else is good. By the time you get to the 20th reason, you start to realize that everything isn’t bad. And then once this becomes habit, your entire life will change.

    1. There’s an interesting practice, Jilanne! The concept of old thoughts fossilized into our perception of “reality” now makes complete sense to me. Yeah, I love that fountain, too! xoxoM

  2. Our reality is determined by where we are, how we are & how we perceive what is going on around us at any given time, so I think if you change something it will change your reality. My reality is different now because my circumstances are different. I don’t dream of being an old lady with grandchildren around my knee anymore. My reality is I may not live to be an old lady, so I need to appreciate the Skype calls I have now with my daughter even more & make sure she always, always, always knows how much I love her. I’ve stopped asking if she is seeing anybody, I don’t want her to feel pressured because of something I’ve said. I just want to enjoy whatever time I have with her. So the change in my reality has changed our relationship somewhat, just as it has changed the relationship with my hubby. He has had to step into the role of partial helpmate now because I have limitations on what I can do. Instead of assuming he knows how much I appreciate him, I now make sure he knows because I’ve told him.

    1. Yes. I, too, make sure that my family know I always love them. We never know when our last contact might be, and I’ve always made it a point to make sure that the last words spoken between us are “I love you.” So, while you and I have never met face to face, nor are we likely to, know that your acquaintance has been, and continues to be, a sweet spot in my life. Thank you! xoM

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