Characters In The Subway

Every time I’m at the Eighth Avenue subway station on 14th Street, the little characters of Tom Otterness’ sculptures bring a smile to my lips.


I hope they bring a smile to your lips, too!


17 thoughts on “Characters In The Subway

  1. I love these little guys and visit them every chance I get! I don’t think I’ve even seen them all. There was a documentary about him, and said he was using his own money to put more of them in the station after the project ended, until his wife gently reminded him that the children needed to go to college. It said that sometimes he just goes and hangs out to see how people interact with them.

  2. My husband and I have never seen these. They’re wonderful! I especially like the rule breakers and little man who’s trying to corral his money. I do wonder, though, about the woman who appears to be losing her head. Maybe she’s had a particularly bad day.

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