Apparently, it’s a “thing.”


9 thoughts on “Shoefitti

  1. Sadly, in the city I live in, shoes over the lines like that is a sign that signals drugs are being sold in that neighborhood. 😦 Your photo symbolizes the darker side of our times. Nice capture.

    1. I think it must be a neighborhood-by-neighborhood thing. In my own neighborhood, what you say about your neighborhood was true. In recent years, the shoes have disappeared and the drug trade seems to have receded. The location of this photo seems to have a much lighter and joyful vibe. Thanks for stopping by! xoM

  2. When we lived in NW Ontario, we would drive through a reserve 30 kms. before we reached our town which was at the end of the road. We would see their shoes hanging from the wires almost 18 years ago.

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure what these are about. They’re in a nice SoHo neighborhood and it’s the only lamp post with shoes dangling from it. I asked my friend, who lives in the neighborhood, what that was all about. He’s just as baffled as I am! xoM

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