Understanding Oneness Through Fútbol

One of the things I especially enjoy about blogging is coming across posts that crystallize for me concepts I’m contemplating.  One such post from an American expat in Germany was about his experience with watching the recent World Cup games.  Although I did not watch any of the games,  I was fascinated with watching the watchers: people standing outside bars and restaurants all over New York City to catch the action on widescreen TVs with fellow fans.


Anyway, what struck me particularly about his post (you really should check it out whether you’re a sports fan or not; it’s hilarious!) was his description of the German team, who, with no shortage of talented superstars, played together, as a TEAM.  When I mentioned this to my German friend over breakfast several days later, he said: “Of course.  They’re Germans.  They’re like a machine.”  That’s when it clicked.

Even though I’d not seen a single game, in my mind’s eye, I could clearly see the team–Oneness–with all of its wonderful and perfect expressions–the players.  Each player, equally perfect yet not at all the same as his teammates. Each player understanding his role within the team and executing that role to the best of his ability, for his individual good as well as that of the team…of maybe it was the other way around.  In any event, according to what I’ve read, they came together seamlessly, single-mindedly, and won the Cup.

Teamwork: a simple concept, intricately complicated and not easy to execute.

I think that’s how Oneness looks…and works.


6 thoughts on “Understanding Oneness Through Fútbol

    1. Yes. I think we keep believing that just because something is simple it’s also easy to execute. It’s not. Maybe if we remember that, we’ll approach the simple things with a little more patience and perseverance? 😉 xoxoM

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