16 thoughts on “The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine

    1. No, it means a new 14-story building. The developers say that they’ve created a design that would not obscure the Cathedral’s architectural highlights. We’ll see. The church needs money, and they do offer school, after-school, and camp programs that are valuable to the community and don’t bring in enough income to support it. In any event, this particular way of looking at the Cathedral, from the corner of Morningside Drive & W 113 St, will be gone.

      1. I’m not sure that real estate development can always be termed progress. Our own neighborhood is gentrifying and I have mixed feelings about that being progress, too.

      2. So, they are tearing that part down? Building a new 14 -story building in its place, but maintaining the highlights? I’m saddened that they aren’t going to restore it. I hate it when we lose historical architecture. I believe it’s important to the local (and broader) community’s culture, and history. It’s like destroying a priceless piece of Art. More photos to come, I hope. So we can see the ‘progress’, maybe. xox ~v

      3. No, they’re not tearing any part of the Cathedral down. They’re building alongside it. The Cathedral’s “campus” is quite beautiful and the intricacy of the architecture extends all around the building. This new development will block the view along the northern side of the church, with a few concessions in the new building’s design to not block the whole view. Yes, more pictures will come in due course since this is just across the street from my husband’s doctor. xoxoM

      4. Thanks for ‘splaining it, Margarita. I wasn’t completely sure, and it was sort of making me heart-sick. It sucks that the views will be screwed, but at least it isn’t going anywhere. Hope all is well with hubby. xox~v

  1. what a shame. Such a beautiful historical building. They don’t make buildings like this anymore. I love old churches…the history! Your photo speaks volumes. Have a blessed weekend, mi amiguita linda!

    1. They’re adding a high rise right next to it, L. It’s a big place to maintain and they need the money. While they say the design will allow access to viewing the cathedral’s architectural details from that side, the view from the street, which this is, will be obscured by the new building. Sigh…xoxoM

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