Happy Rakhi Day!

Years ago, my darling daughter and I frequently visited an ashram in Upstate New York, and of all the celebrations, we enjoyed Rakhi Day the most.

On Rakhi Day, which is celebrated on the full moon in August, it’s customary for sisters to gift their brothers with a raksha bandam, a knotted thread tied around the wrist, as a symbol of love and protection shared and exchanged. That’s my simple understanding; check out Wikipedia for a more extensive explanation.


Here is a virtual rakhi, the actual one made by my daughter, wishing all of you a year filled with Love, Peace, Protection, Light, and general goodwill.  Especially you, Ajay!

Now go out and gaze upon the gorgeous full moon tonight!


8 thoughts on “Happy Rakhi Day!

  1. The moon was beautiful, I was in Salobrena, Granada. A little seaside town where the mountains meet the sea abruptly. View from the house was incredible.
    Have a nice week.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, I have learned something of interest today. I rarely see the moon, as I live in a coastal climate and have cloud cover most nights. I do have beautiful memories of living in the desert, though, with zillions of stars visible in the black, black sky, moon, notwithstanding.

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