Going Fishing!


In the Harlem Meer.  Looks like fun!


12 thoughts on “Going Fishing!

  1. That’s a beautiful side of CP, but when the geese are on their way to/from Canada, it’s gross. You know, that’s their toilette, but hey! They were there before us.

      1. For sure. Which makes it the ‘best of both worlds’. I’ve not been back to NY in 37 years. Hopefully I’ll get to visit one day. I’d love to walk round the block, where I lived as a kid… Mount Vernon.

      2. I must confess, I’ve not been to Mount Vernon…neither in New York nor in Virginia. I imagine, the place will look much smaller than you remember it, Victoria! xoxoM

  2. Hi my name is Gautam shah
    Just was going through ajaybhais reply list of all the lovely people
    U were the one addressed sister

    Just to let u know with a saddened heart ajaybhai is no more

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I’m glad I was able to warm myself in the Light of his Love, even so many thousands of miles away. I will keep him in my heart always.

      Thank you for your kindness!
      Namaste, M

    1. Gautam Shah,

      I am sorry for your loss and that of all his family, especially his lovely mother who has lost so much already. I am spreading the sad news throughout the “blog world”. Thank you for taking the time to spread the word.


    1. This is a man-made lake, L. “Meer” is the Dutch word for large body of water, and this one being located at the northern end of the park, in Harlem, is a nod to the Dutch settlers in Manhattan. Thanks for asking! 😉 xoxoM

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