Kit Kat for Jenny

Recently, Jenny was hating her job and craving some Kit Kats.  Well, I thought, if all it takes are some Kit Kats to make Jenny smile, count me in!  As I embarked on the project of getting some Kit Kats to Jenny in the Philippines, I discovered there was no way for me to get about $10 worth of candy there for less than $100!


So, Jenny, sweetie, much as I’d love to send you the Kit Kats, I hope, for the moment, this makes you smile as well.  In the meantime, I’ll save my pennies so that, eventually, I’ll be able to send you the Kit Kats and make your tummy happy as well!

9 thoughts on “Kit Kat for Jenny

  1. OH EM GEEEEEE! Hahaha, M you’re the best! Those Kit Kats may have not reach my tummy yet but I love ’em so much that just looking at them makes me giddy gaaaaah ^_^ and Kit Kat Dark too, my absolute favorite! And Reeses! Gosh you’re an angel :* :* :*

    1. AND, the best part, since there’s no moment on the lips, these are not forever on the hips! I’m so glad this made you smile, sweet Jenny. I’ll figure out how to get them to you yet, in the meantime: smile away! ;D xoxoM

    1. Yeah, the Philippines are very far away, so it’s extremely expensive. I’m going to research this some more. Meanwhile, it occurred to me, I can make her smile anyway! lol 😉 xoxoM

  2. I never really cared so much for Kit Kat until they made Kit Kat Chunky – now that is heaven in a bar!
    I understand your predicament. When my daughter lived in North Carolina, I tried to send her Cadbury’s Easter Creme eggs because she couldn’t get them in NC & she loved them! It was going to cost 4x as much as the actual cost of the product to send it to her.

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