Ridin’ The Subway

Occasionally, there’s something to see…


…most times, there’s not.


4 thoughts on “Ridin’ The Subway

  1. I have never taken a subway in my life. We have a subway here – it is called the LRT (light rail transit). About 2/3 of the time it is above ground, but when you get downtown it goes underground & has stops at most of the major buildings, so you never have to go outside in our harsh winter weather. The station is right across the street from where I live, but it’s still too far for me to walk. I’m claustrophobic so I would also have trouble with the underground parts.

    1. Yes, claustrophobia is definitely an issue. We’re very lucky in NYC to have an extensive public transportation system even though we complain about it all the time. When I need to get someplace fast, there’s nothing like the subway running timely to get me there. When there are delays, however, yikes! xoxoM

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