Taking A Walk


on the George Washington Bridge

The most surprising thing?  How much it shakes.  Something I never noticed when crossing the bridge in a car!


14 thoughts on “Taking A Walk

  1. Ok, I knew it all along. You’re a professional photographer, and you’re keeping it a secret. These are really great shots, Margarita! Beautiful framing, composition, and texture. Nice lighting too! xox ~v

  2. I’ve been thinking about riding a bicycle across the GWB for two years now. Now I’m thinking that I definitely should.

    Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. You should. It’s a magnificent view and span. Just be prepared for the seismic shaking – THAT was a surprise! I’m looking forward to seeing YOUR pictures! xoxoM

  3. As a child, I recall crossing the Mystic River Bridge in Massachusetts in the Volkswagen. I was terrified – the green metal, the closeness of the water, the movement. Though I’m far away from Massachusetts now, I’ll cross any bridge when I come to it. (pun intended)

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