Manhattan Has…

… a trapeze school.

Who knew?

This is as close as I’ll ever get to it!


18 thoughts on “Manhattan Has…

  1. I’ve always wanted to do that!
    Next time I go to The City I’ll do it, for sure.
    Then you’ll see at Le Cirque du Soleil

    1. Hah! I haven’t seen any unicycle tours, Maggie. Just the random unicycle rider. Good to know – although I have enough trouble with a bicycle. I think I may be reverting to tricycle age! lol 😉 xoxoM

      1. I’d go with a tricycle. Last month the girls and I were walking across Central Park at 72nd and had to get out of the way of a unicycle tour! like 20 of them!

      1. Isn’t that so true? I am often amazed at what I almost missed seeing if I hadn’t looked at that very moment in time! I would be dumbfounded to see a trapeze school in my neighborhood. Life can be amazing if we just open ourselves to what is around us waiting to be discovered.

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