What I Saw When I Looked

We’re having a spate of new construction in New York City and I’m always fascinated by work sites.  At work today, this is the site I saw out the window:



And then, sitting at the desk, I noticed this image in the mirror:


I wonder what else is reflected back to me that I miss entirely!

10 thoughts on “What I Saw When I Looked

      1. I’m architect Margarita. I left The City when the hole crisis thing started. Travel around for a year and then went back, but wasn’t happy with the kind of work I was getting.
        My roommate is a general contractor and he would hook me up with a bunch of projects. Mainly residential, I always liked better commercial.
        My last “bug” gig was a place on 86th and Broadway, called The Parlour. I even did the finish on the walls on 2 salons and the ceiling and painted a few murals. Was a nice project and good money hahahaha
        But then everything went downhill, I came back to Europe, took a break and ended up getting married and staying. But I miss The City and my people there.

      2. You did The Parlour? We’ve enjoyed many a nice meal there, Leo, and I frequently wait for the crosstown bus in front of it!

        There’s a lot of construction happening in the city now. A lot of renovation/new construction in my neighborhood is as a result of Columbia’s expansion and I have very mixed feelings about that. Not so sure I’m on board with the way they’ve gone about it nor do I buy that it’s for the good of the community. Kind of wonder whose community.

        In our partnership, my sweet husband relocated to NYC. Yup, I’m a hot babe!

        Thanks for sharing, Leo. It’s nice to know a little more about you! xoxoM

    1. Given its location, I think the new building will be some kind of mixed use hotel/apartments/offices with stores on the ground level. And it’s coming up pretty fast! xoM

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