The People’s Climate March 2014

In preparation for meetings of the United Nations General Assembly to address climate change issues, the People’s Climate March took place on Sunday, September 21, 2014 and  New York City was just one of the many venues planet-wide. Ordinary citizens with extraordinary intentions for our planet took to the streets to demonstrate to political leaders exactly what’s expected of them.


From my point of view, it was an excellent reminder that we, the people, are only lending our power to our elected representatives to carry out our visions and desires for a just and harmonious life on our beautiful planet.  It’s also good for all of us to remember:  we have the responsibility to take back that which we lend when it’s grievously misused.

5 thoughts on “The People’s Climate March 2014

  1. I was sooooo embarrassed when I learned my Prime Minister was not attending the Climate Change meetings at the UN! He was probably too embarrassed to attend since his report card on reducing emissions is so poor.

    1. I don’t know, L, which is more embarrassing: not showing up because you know you’ve not done right by the environment, or showing up, paying lip service to ending climate change, and then continuing to do what you’re doing. xoxoM

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