A Different Expression…

…of Self coming through me:


It’s time!


19 thoughts on “A Different Expression…

  1. Ack! What is this? What does this mean? You will make a fine life coach, as you have already taught me the power and need for forgiveness. I was just wondering what you look like. You are beautiful, I knew it!

  2. Ha!
    I knew you had to be involved in something like this.
    Since we first got in touch debating about parent interference in public education ages ago. I can’t even remember whose blog was it, but I remember our first interaction.
    Looking forward to seeing the website once it’s up.
    Great for you Margarita!

  3. Good luck in your venture. It’s almost shocking to see someone being so open with their personal information, but it makes sense since you are in business. Thanks for visiting my site. I can learn a lot from you! 🙂

    1. I struggled with that decision, Marsha. Putting myself “out there” is very difficult for me, and this seemed like the tiniest baby step for me to take. Let’s see how it goes! Thanks for stopping by, your good wishes, and your feedback. I very much appreciate them! xoxoM

      1. I started blogging two years ago, and FB at about the same time, maybe a bit longer for FB, but at first I was very apprehensive because of all the warnings. We do take precautions when we leave, but basically I think being yourself gives you credibility that being someone like tchistory gal lacks. If I did it over, I would just be myself. 🙂 You can’t bring people in if they don’t know who you are and how to reach you. Again the best to you! 🙂

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