5 thoughts on “Approaching Manhattan…

    1. I’m laughing! We have plenty of sunshine, L. Many years ago, my brother was living in Ft. Worth, Texas, and my then toddler daughter and I went for a visit. While we were there, he waxed poetic about the wide open spaces. What I saw was lots of wide open spaces to drive through to get anywhere but all I had to do was stick my hand out the kitchen window to shake his neighbor’s hand! In NYC, although many of us live in one building, we still preserve a bit of privacy. I know the neighbors who live in my building, on my street. I can walk to the corner to buy eggs when I run out. The Hudson River is just down the street from my doorstep, and my suntan is from walking around the streets all summer. So glad I didn’t move to Ft. Worth! lol xoxoM

  1. Lovely pix. Water makes any location better.
    (Sorry your brother lives in such a populated spot – just as where you are housing/privacy varies with location. Lots of walkable spaces and neighbors in many places. Great bike trails in Ft. Worth, but not my fav place either)

    1. He no longer lives there, so it’s just as well I didn’t follow his lead or I might have been stuck! lol I love visiting cities because, living in one, I’m always interested in how the concept has been adapted to meet the needs of its population. 😉 xoxoM

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