Getting Across

One of the things I love most about living in New York City is living by the water. On the northern end of Manhattan, I have the pleasure of seeing the Hudson River every time I step out of my apartment building.  A quick trip across the island will take me to the East River.

At the southern end of the island, the Hudson and East Rivers empty into the Atlantic Ocean, and the vastness of the harbor is breathtaking! The Verrazano Narrows Bridge, connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island, is every bit as majestic as the George Washington Bridge, a little further north connecting New York City and Ft. Lee, New Jersey.

In New York City, we’re fortunate to have many means of getting across from here to there.  Bridges are my favorite!


13 thoughts on “Getting Across

  1. We’re not on the water ourselves, but the Potomac’s not too far away, and there’s Chesapeake Bay if we want to make a longer drive. Glad you get to see such scenery every day!

    1. I’ve always lived close to a large body of water, JM. I seem to shrivel up when I spend too much time away from water. By the way, I think your birthday may be right around now – so happy birthday! xoxoM

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