22 thoughts on “After A Hard Day Of Pounding The Keyboard…

  1. Obviously someone wants your attention. My two pups get underneath my feet when I’m at the keyboard. One usually will want to sit on my lap. Your kitty is saying: “Mom, I’m way more important and more interesting than anything you can find in there. Enough already!” :).

    1. You speak cat so clearly, Brigitte! lol Chi, of course, is correct: she is way more important and interesting than anything I can get through the keyboard. ;D xoxoM

    1. Chi is the most effective communicator in our family, Jilanne. She’s effectively telling me it’s time to pet the kitty. Given how good I’ve become at ignoring that directive, she’s had to step up the effective communication factor. I think she’s succeeded! lol xoxoM

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