Journaling is the warm-up.

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this blog.

A time for contemplation, self-exploration, mulling things over. Making decisions, taking action…and then taking some more when the original decision or action didn’t yield the result I’d hoped for.
Such is life, a choreography of contemplation and action. Bringing forth from Divine Inspiration to human experience.


One area of contemplation has been the notion that we must be connected to “reality.” Reality being defined as the circumstances we live in.  In that paradigm, we make decisions based on that belief.  Often, I hear someone say they long for a deeper connection to Self, but given the busy-ness of their lives, that desire is relegated to the back burners, for when there is time.
During this period of contemplation, I’ve felt the desire to explore this in writing.  When my thoughts do not manifest on the page fully formed and cogent, after so much contemplation and meditation, I feel discouraged.
It finally dawned on me that KNOWING something profoundly, and expressing it cogently, are not the same thing, and so I must hone my tools for expression.
I realized that journaling is a practice to bridge the profound KNOWING within with the desire to express and share it outwardly. It’s time to make that bridge stronger and sturdier. There is much I’d still like to explore, to share, perhaps to ponder in community.
The practice of journaling is, essentially, a warm-up for more sustained expression through writing.
I’m starting my warm-up!

12 thoughts on “Journaling is the warm-up.

  1. Margarita! So wonderful to get an alert that you’ve posted. You express yourself beautifully but I do know what you mean — journaling fuels our creative fire.

    Hope you and yours are wonderful!

  2. *Big smile There you are!!! I agree about sometimes what looks good in our heads doesn’t always translate to our material world the same way.

    1. Great to see your big smile, Jacquie! Yes, for me it’s always a challenge to remember to take action, lol. I forget that in a physical world, thinking it is not enough! I’ll pop over for a visit with you tomorrow, my friend. xoxoM

  3. YAY! So happy to see you here! A great jumping off post– so often I never take the step to actually journal my thoughts, even though I know I should. It would be helpful and it would get the creativity flowing.Your words ring true–

    Hope all is well–

    1. Audra, I’ve missed you my friend! I’m very sporadic about journaling. The Universe, however, is downright shoving me into writing, so I thought this might be a way to get going. I’ll come ’round and visit you tomorrow. xoxoM

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