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In a recent conversation with my sweet husband, I pondered the concept of purpose.  Especially life purpose.
As a coach, I hear a lot about discovering one’s life purpose, both from colleagues as well as clients.  It sounds like such a ponderous, onerous endeavor: life purpose.
My frame of reference is that we are each a unique expression of the Divine, however you choose to define that concept. As such, we are eternal, infinite, all-knowing bits of energy temporarily housed in our present bodies and current lives. It’s a challenge to express infinity through a finite form!
Within the context of an eternal life, knowing what my life purpose is this go-around becomes somewhat less daunting for me.  It becomes a temporary state within an infinite continuum, much less onerous and far more manageable in my current human experience.
My purpose is to be the reminder: that we are more than the body our Consciousness is inhabiting; that we do, indeed, know EVERYTHING, it’s just that there’s only so much “stuff” that fits into our current packaging and we must practice accessing our off-site facility, so to speak; that the concepts of earning, merit, deserving, progressing, are human constructs, limitations, and beliefs which we may buy into, or not, as we choose.
My purpose is to remind myself, and everyone who wants to tag along, of Infinite Wisdom and to practice connecting to It.



6 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. What you say about our capacity for “knowing” has physical limitations resonated with me…so frustrating!! Got to be more room in there right?!!

  2. Lovely, Margarita. I completely get it. In fact, I wrote a brief draft for tomorrow’s post about accessing that inner most spot.

    BTW, I remember years ago when I struggled with having children. I saw no purpose to my life, and that’s when I sought Spirit. I’m so grateful for that time, because it’s when I learned I needed to practice accessing that “off site facility.”

    Really good post.

    1. Thanks, Lori.I’m glad your struggles brought you to a place of Peace and Love. You know what they say, “out of sight, out of mind.” For me, the practice of keeping that “off site facility” in sight has been the anchor in my always changing life. xoxoM

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