My computer has been misbehaving for months, due to corrupted files.  Poor  baby!

For an equal length of time, I’ve been asking my computer tech, a.k.a. my brother, what to do about it.  Why ask him? Because he was kind enough to give me this instrument for creating joy and wonder and he’s still very protective of it.

Finally, after having no more go arounds to go through to get things done, I managed to take all my data off the hard drive (which was a whole go-around on its own!) and do a system reset.


It was well worth the effort!

I can now play again.  My favorite toy? Picmonkey!

Using that wonderful program that even I can figure out, I took this photo of rain pounding the pavement…

Rain on Pavement 007

…and transformed it into this…

Rain on Pavement 007-02-01

I know exactly how the happy Chewbacca lady feels!



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