Origin Story

Origin story is hard for me.

It requires a level of direct self-revelation that I’m just not comfortable with. “Tell me about yourself,” always sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to run the other way.

That which we resist, persists. So, here goes…

Originally, my thought was to share images of New York City as I know it.  Not the frenzied, perpetually moving tourist magnet. For me, it’s about the things I see in this wonderful place I call home that have little to do with the glitz and glamor I see on movie and television screens, in magazine pictures and art photos.

I called the blog Serenity in the City – finding refuge from turmoil.

I love the light in the heavens as dusk throws her mantle over the West Village. Flowers that bloom everywhere announcing the movement of Mother Nature. Snow obliterating the the traffic on Broadway.

Following a long hiatus, I’m inclined to share once more.

During my time off-line, I’ve been fine-tuning my connection to my small still voice. A daily connection is essential. With practice, it’s possible to access that space of Peace and Strength with a single breath, a single thought,  a single heartbeat. Steeped in that experience, I am now helping others tune in to what they already do unconsciously to make that inner connection, so that they may then practice deliberately and consciously instead of haphazardly and accidentally.

The title of the blog morphed to Inner Whispers – messages from within.

There are more words than pictures.

The URL remained the same: mysmallstillvoice.wordpress.com.


That’s done!





14 thoughts on “Origin Story

      1. Glad you are back in the saddle with words to match the serene images and juxtapositions that your inner and outer eyes and ears catch, to our delight! Keep on.

    1. Thanks, Katie! There may be another one since I found out there’s a more recent prompt that I missed. Oy! However, that’s the one I’m truly challenged by, so maybe it was the Universe giving me a warmup! ;D xoxoM

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