Faith Is Another Word For…


Trust in what?

Trust in whom?

Most often, the word faith is associated with religious beliefs. In today’s world, religious beliefs (and political beliefs, too, for that matter) can be emotionally charged topics. Strongly held and/or emotionally charged beliefs frequently become polarized attempts to communicate with the result that very little actual communication takes place. So I generally choose more neutral words.

Like trust. And we’re back to in what? In whom?

My sweet husband, who holds atheist beliefs, sneers and frets every time faith, or anything closely associated with religion, enters into the conversation. See, he has suffered much abuse because of others’ faith. Others whose responsibility it was to care for his well-being and who genuinely believed they were doing so with the actions they took. Yeah, the road to hell is, indeed, paved with good intentions.  That’s a topic for another day. So his first reaction to anyone who describes themselves as a person of faith is to drape that garlic wreath around his neck and make sure his silver dollar (remember those?) is handy to repel the assaulter!

My proclivities lie at about a 90° angle from his, although he perceives them more like a 45° angle. Suffice it to say, we’re not on the same meridian.

I do not hold atheist beliefs. Or agnostic. Or any traditional theist beliefs, since most of them describe deity in some form or as an entity. I understand god as a concept, a principle. Something that I simply know, sort of along the lines of Carl Jung‘s collective unconscious thesis that beyond our personal individualization, we have access to a body of knowledge that is beyond our personal experience. I translate that as I am more than my body, experience, and memory encompass; just because I didn’t actively learn or experience something on an individual level, doesn’t mean I don’t know it. Why not use the word belief? Because to me, belief implies doubt. I have no doubt about what I know; what I believe is subject to change.

So back to trust.

Trust in yourself. In your own experience of life. Trust in that which you know to be Truth. Not what your chattering mind tells you is true, but that which from deep within whispers Truth. That small still voice that is the voice of the Infinite Wisdom within each and every one of us, should we choose to hear and listen.

Bobble-hipped hula girl 002-01

You don’t have to trust me. If I’ve spoken (or, in this case written) Truth, you’ll be sitting there nodding like a bobblehead..or something like that!


5 thoughts on “Faith Is Another Word For…

  1. People have lost touch with their intuition, the still small voice or in some cases for me, the drill sergeant LOL! In this day and age I think many people are realizing you can’t trust who you thought you could.

    1. Yes. And they keep looking for validation from the outside in first. It’s hard not to with all those distractions, Jackie!

      I’m laughing because my small still voice is incredibly persistent and firm. Probably a lot like your drill sergeant! ;D xoM

  2. No offense to your husband, but I always wondered why people throw out the baby with the bath water. I also did not have a good experience with religion, but I searched for another way outside of dogma and doctrine. I found my own way to the All … the One. However, I tend to find more in common with Atheists than Theists. 😉

    I see people in the world today crying out about injustice. So many feel cheated in some way. I did too, for a while. It was when I watched everyone else have the choice to have biological children and my choice was taken away. So, what did I do? I lamented for some time, but then I started to seek. Do you know what I found?

    Myself, and there is where I found God.

    I no longer feel cheated. I feel blessed.

    Like you, I don’t believe.

    I know.

    I only wish others who feel so cheated would seek too. Because when we find ourselves, we find God.

    1. Thank you, Lori! Yes, it is a matter of knowing. Knowing who I Am. Knowing who each of us Is. Being respectful of the infinite expressions of Self.

      I’m very clear that my job is to hold up the lantern that we may all See…whatever we choose to see.

      Thank you for finding yourself Lori. Makes the journey much less lonely! xoxoM

      1. I’m glad you’re holding the lantern, M. I guess you can say that this “Lori” expression of Self, holds up the lantern through writing.
        I’m very grateful you’re keeping that lantern lit.

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