Know Thy Self

Know your own Self. The One that transcends the limitations of the physical world, the body, you inhabit.

While inhabiting a limited and confining vessel, it’s difficult to imagine that I am an expression of an eternal and infinite Entirety. Not entity.

As an expression of that Entirety, everything that’s possible in and through the Entirety is possible in and through my current expression. All I have to do is remember the connection and allow the Self to give direction, while self does the heavy lifting.

For example: this morning I received the instruction to cancel a client’s business subscription.

My small still voice was very clear it needed to be done this morning.

I went online first, thinking it would be a simple click of the “cancel” button and I’d be on my way. Well, no. I had to call. Then there was the technicality that I was not the owner of the account to be cancelled. I had to explain that there had been no activity on the account for months, that this was a painful decision for my client, and that they could go ahead and cancel nicely today or they could go through the expense of collection notices when the account wasn’t paid.

That’s when the customer service representative noticed that the account was due for renewal tomorrow and that she could simply turn off the automatic renewal. In this way, she could be in compliance with her employer’s policies and procedures and I could help my client in his objective.

Not exactly the way I’d envisioned this thing going. Self directed and self did the heavy lifting.

It worked perfectly for all involved.




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