In today’s world,  awe is an over-used and under-appreciated word.

Awe is so often used in connection to power and fear, that it’s easy to overlook its more nuanced connection to wonder, the sacred and the sublime.

Walking the George Washington Bridge, I am in awe of what imagination, vision, and perseverance can accomplish.




2 thoughts on “Awe

  1. Awe is a word I associate with what it was like when we were children in the world…we looked at EVERYTHING with awe and wonder because we were seeing it for the first time. The challenge as we age is to keep that part of the child we were alive. See the wonders of the world as if it was our first time.

    1. I agree, Jackie. It seems that as we age, we develop an appetite for more, bigger, better and forget to appreciate the colors, textures and scents of the world around us. xoM

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