My mind conjures images of planes, trains, automobiles, ocean liners… A voyage implies adventure, sights unseen, new experiences, far-away places.

I got on a train in Harlem and got off in Brooklyn. A trip I’ve made hundreds of times.

Picked up some delicious baklava for my sweet husband, feta cheese for my darling daughter, and olives for the kitty (she likes to lick them!) at Sahadi’s. A delightful lunch with friends.

Took the shuttle from Borough Hall to Red Hook, and while waiting for the water taxi back to Manhattan, I came upon…

…There she was, Lady Liberty, rising between the warehouse buildings along Brooklyn’s shoreline. An unexpected and breathtaking sight. Well, she’s always breathtaking!

In the blink of an eye, my trip to Brooklyn became…a voyage.

4 thoughts on “Voyage

  1. Quite a picture! I love to take pictures like that too. I think you will be surprised to see the subject of my drawing yesterday afternoon…a woman with stars in her hair!

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