Making It Welcome

Thank you!

No problem!

When did we come to view helping someone as a problem instead of the opportunity to offer our service?

When my daughter was little, I taught her to use the magic words:  Please, Thank you, and You’re Welcome.

I use “please” to ask for help; to acknowledge that you are not obligated to help me; to express respect for the service I’m asking of you. I know that although we are all One, we are also each a unique expression of the One and that individualization is to be acknowledged.

Expressing gratitude is my favorite practice. There’s something profoundly connecting about the act of giving thanks. Thanks for holding the door open for me. Thanks for the lovely gift. Thanks for being my companion in life. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Every time I express thanks, I’m viscerally aware of being One with the Universe. Of being more than my physical experience. Of swimming in the Stream of Consciousness.

When I respond with “You’re welcome!” to an expression of thanks, I am reminded of the priviledge you’ve bestowed on me by asking me for assistance. The vulnerability you’ve entrusted to my care with your request.  I am humbled by your appreciation and trust… And I want you to know that I appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

“No problem!” is offensive.

It implies that I’m so self-involved that I can only be bothered to serve if it causes no problem for me. That your request for help could be construed as a problem for me. That you, or I, are a problem.

It’s amply clear that we are all in this boat we call Planet Earth together. A little kindness, consideration and appreciation go a long way to easing our journey.

Let’s make us welcome. Welcome to ask for help. Welcome to offer help. Welcome to share our joys and sorrows. Welcome to be the best we can be. For ourselves. For one another.

Thank you for stopping by. Please come visit again. You are always, all ways, welcome!



12 thoughts on “Making It Welcome

  1. Can I get a big Amen ? This was a topic yesterday at my Quaker Meeting. We were discussing the state of hate that we are surrounded by and a young man said : “I like to curb the hype of not being PC with some ole fashioned Common Decency.” In reality it’s hard to have both.

  2. I’d like to add thanking even things like the elevator or the subway when they come in the nick of time.

    Thanks for starting your blog again!

  3. AWESOME SAUCE!!! YES!! What I say sometimes is, “it’s my honor” when I get to help someone. Great post and reminder about why there are so many of us here on Momma Earth…more help! Love to you today!

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