Baby Steps

“They can’t do that!” my 82-year-old mother told me, shocked that I would say outright that the press in this country lies.  “This is a republican country,” she blustered on. Even at my age, and in spite of the wonderful relationship we’ve enjoyed for many years, I’m still that annoying scratch on the lenses of my mother’s rose-colored glasses.  Or maybe they’re not rose-colored.  What color lenses do worry-warts wear?  Never mind, I digress.

We were having a perfectly lovely conversation when she veered into the hyperbolic, claiming something as true because she heard it on TV and since we live in a “republican” country, it must be true.  First, you should know that English is my mother’s last language;  three or four languages preceded it, so sometimes her terminology is a little off (my brother was a Scout Boy, for example).  Which is not to say she doesn’t know what she means to say, she’s just not quite aware of what she’s actually saying. My mother was raised with the specter of murderous Communists hovering over her, her father having seen his own father murdered by Communists about a hundred years ago.  So, in her experience, since this nation is a Republic, then it follows that it must have republican principles, and in a Republic, lying, especially by government or public figures, is simply not allowed. And everyone in a Republic, especially government and public figures, follows the law. Yeah…

I have an unprecedented access to information, we all do.  I’m blasted with information from my television set, my radio, my computer, even from print media as outmoded as that might be. Sadly, that doesn’t mean I have an unprecedented access to truth. It’s still up to me to parse what’s out there and pick out, hopefully correctly, the threads that form my own whole fabric of truth.

On the other hand, Truth is an inner knowledge. To know Truth, all I need do is tune in. It’s not about facts or figures. It’s not about who said what or when. It’s all about that inner Knowing that we each have. The one that reminds us where we came from, that we’re far more than our packaging might suggest, that pulses Unconditional Love at all times.

But first: Mom, sadly, they DO lie on television!


10 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. My Dad is the same way! He believes Fox television and the Internet….have had to prove him “wrong” more than once. It’s hard to find the truth in a place where both truth and fabrication co-exist nearly equally. I agree, to find the truth you have to get better about “tuning in” to yourself and your body. Great topic!

    1. Yeah. My mom doesn’t internet, but when I tell her she needs to stop watching Fox, she says she also watches CNN and they all say the same thing. Oy! lol xoxoM

  2. We were just discussing this! Wondering where objectivity, true journalism has gone. I can understand how your Mom wants this to be true but like you’ I know this just isn’t the case anymore. As you so beautifully put it, we must listen to ourselves and trust that truth. Wonderful post with a lovely moment in time captured, M.

    1. Thanks, Brigitte! I often comment to my sweet husband that with the 24/7 news cycle, reporting the news has gone out the window in favor of analyzing, opining, and just plain being told what to think. [sigh] xoxoM

  3. Oh my. I know both my parents and my in-laws are set in their ways and their perception cannot be changed. Thankfully, we do have that place of “knowing” within to escape to when the lies just keep piling up around us. Nice post, M. 🙂

    1. Thanks, L.A.! Perhaps that place of knowing is not an escape hatch. Perhaps It is the Reality we’re seeking. So glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts! xoM

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