This One’s For You, David!

I could see from the puzzled and skeptical expression on your face that my explanation of the practice of mantra repetition left something to be desired.  To review, the practice of mantra repetition is to focus on a word or phrase and to synchronize its repetition with the breath. Today, we agreed to a very simple “Breathe in good…Exhale bad.”

Why do the practice? Because it gives the chattering mind something to do, other than nag, and that allows for the creation of a space in which it’s possible to hear the small still voice, the voice of Infinite Wisdom.

Because the Universe always gives us what we need, It gave me the following experience to illustrate the purpose of the practice:

After we parted ways, I eventually made my way down to the subway.  After I swiped myself through the turnstile and onto the sweltering platform, I noticed the announcement that due to power outages there were delays on all the subway lines. The uptown platform was packed from end to end.

That’s when I heard my small still voice whisper, “take the downtown express.” Long experience has taught me not to argue and simply to follow directions. I immediately went down the stairs and came up on the express platform which, while still sweltering, had seating available. I barely had time to unfurl my AM New York when an express train arrived. I stepped into an air-conditioned car for the single stop ride. I got off at the next station and just as I reached the uptown platform, a local train pulled into the station. I quickly stepped into an almost empty, air-conditioned car, and settled in for a long, cool and comfortable journey uptown.

Had I not listened to my small still voice, I would have had a long, hot and crowded ride uptown.

Because I’ve been practicing tuning through my chattering mind with mantra repetition for decades, I was able to hear the message and seize the opportunity as it presented itself.

Yes. It works like this every time.

Hope this helps!


4 thoughts on “This One’s For You, David!

  1. YES!!! What a fantastic example of this practice! One time my normally calm, still small voice turned into a drill sergeant and got me safely home on a dangerously hot day when I got lost. Thank you for sharing this M! Love to you and yours today 🙂

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