The Parts That Show

The parts that show are what capture my attention…at first.

The broken pier rising above the waters of the Hudson River resembles sentinels making their way from New York to New Jersey. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that they’re also an alert as to how low the waters have descended just since last year. The green algae-covered parts are exposed to the air and sun for the  first time in, well, a long time. Evidence of climate change, perhaps?

Currently in the United States, the presidential election process is the part that catches one’s attention first. For over a year, we’ve endured the audition/job interview process via the debates and primaries. Some of the events were more painful to endure than others. We are now, thankfully, in the final stretch of the parts that show.

After that, it will be time to govern.



3 thoughts on “The Parts That Show

  1. I’m really looking forward to November for so many reasons and the end, however it comes, to this cluster of an election is top on the list!! So many of us are paying attention to what is happening to our earth and in so many ways we are powerless to change it until the people we elect pull their heads out of the corporations lining their pockets butts! Love to you M!

    1. I don’t see us being powerless, Jackie. The way I see it is that we LEND our power to those we vote to represent us. However, given our present consciousness and understanding, we forget that it’s just a LOAN and proceed as if we gave it away and can’t get it back. Our power is ours. Wake up. Take it back. The people at the top of the heap, they didn’t get there overnight. We need to create the bottom of the heap that will eventually rise to the top NOW. Even with our representation higher up the ladder, we must not relinquish our power in the voting booth. We must continue to voice our views and guide them throughout their tenure in office, by letting them know what we like as well as what we don’t like about how they’re doing their job of representing us. Power is not a top-down proposition, Jackie. That’s an illusion we’ve bought into and perpetuate. Let’s wake up. Claim our power, and allow the roots (all of us) nourish and flourish the tree that grows above us. No more grafts. 🙂 xoxoM

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