No Relief

Even the fountain

mist at Columbus Circle

felt unrefreshing.



10 thoughts on “No Relief

    1. The spray is warm, Lori. I’m already wet from warm sweat…warm spray doesn’t cut it, lol! I use a little Canon Elph camera that I carry with me everywhere. Two cell phones ago, I liked the quality of the images I was able to get on that. When that phone died, the replacement just did not live up to my desires, so I got the little camera and been very happy with it since. 😉 xoM

      1. Great that you have the Canon. I use a Canon too. Mine is kinda big, so I don’t always have it with me, but I prefer those pictures over the phone.

      1. Well, it kind of is…the sweat dripping in my eyes blurs my vision enough so I can’t see them. And if I can’t see them, Audra, they don’t exist, lol! 😉 xoxoM

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