I’ve always had a great fondness for the twilight times of day. Those times early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the Sun appears to make its first or final salute to my part of the globe.

I love the vibrant colors and the promise of something new and wonderful preparing to appear for my viewing pleasure.

Twilight can also be a metaphor for a stage in one’s life, usually associated with the transitioning from the life we know into an unknown…life? adventure? existence? void?

While numerically I am still a ways away from being in the twilight of my life, factually, who knows when that might be? Theoretically, I might always be living in the twilight zone (okay, just having a little fun here!) since I don’t know the exact time of my departure from this plane of existence.

Many years ago, I decided never to allow an opportunity to tell my friends and loved ones to pass without my telling them, well, “I love you!” I did not want my last words with anyone I care for to be words of anger, indifference, or hurt. So, no matter how fractious the conversation, I always close with “I love you!”

It’s a conscious, and Conscious, decision.

Life, what I remember of it, is too short to be filled with regrets.


6 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. I share your ever sentiment here M! Back in my early days of taking pictures, when we had to use a light meter lol, I found dawn and dusk to be my favorite time to take pictures…the greatest color saturation was then! I too try to never let a chance to tell someone I love them slip by….you can’t take anyone or anything in this life for granted!! In keeping with that – Love and hugs to you M!

    1. Thanks, Phil. I do love those twighlight colors! And, thank you. Conscious decisions are important to me since I’m the one who lives with the consequences of them. 😉 xoM

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