The Gracious Ladies of New York

The sunset was stunning, rivaled only by my nani hula sisters, the Gracious Ladies of New York. As is our custom, we took the summer off from dancing hula together and tonight was our first practice session since June.

As always when we dance together, the Spirit Aloha was definitely present!

And we remembered way more dances than we forgot. Yaayyy!




19 thoughts on “The Gracious Ladies of New York

  1. What a sweet pictures of lovely ladies….kindred souls. Some time you should share a video of you and your sisters in motion!

      1. Gotcha – may be a still photo then? I would love to see you all doing your thing. I love to dance and move to music every day myself!

      2. You might like this old post, Jackie . More hula sisters doing their thing! πŸ˜‰ xoxoM

      3. The pictures are very tiny but I get the gist of how wonderful it is!!! Beautiful – thank you and much love to you!

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