The Day After…

…life goes on.

It was only on reading the NY Times headlines this morning that I learned of the explosion that took place last night 125 blocks south of here (here being my home in Harlem).

Thankfully, no grievous physical injuries or loss of life. It will take some time to assess the unseen injuries caused by this heinous act.

Thankfully, New York City’s first responders did their jobs quickly, efficiently, professionally.

Thankfully, ordinary people did their best to help with courage and compassion.

The case is under investigation. The available information is a loop of what is already known and has been reported. No new developments.

Also no hysteria. No mass exodus over the bridges and through the tunnels. By and large, it’s a typical, late-summer Sunday in Manhattan.

Security is an internal State.


13 thoughts on “The Day After…

    1. Yes, he is.

      He’s always been. No changing him now.

      Strictly a one-trick pony: all lies and scams.

      I’m less troubled by him than I am by all his followers who believe he’s the “real deal.” What troubles me is that they’re clueless that the “real deal” is a liar, a scammer, a thief, and will never, EVER, look after anyone’s interests but his own.

      Yet, they’re willing to gamble their lives, and the lives of the approximately 310 million people who live in this great country, on that sad excuse for a human being and impersonator of leadership.

      Oy! 😉 xoM

  1. I’m so glad you are ok M….it’s just goes on and an…human implosion or explosion. We must continue to try and do our part to diffuse the human time bombs in the making. Love you.

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I keep remembering that I Am a Divine Being having a human experience, as are we all. Perhaps, if enough of us remember who we truly are, the human experience will shift some. 😉 xoxoM

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