Step Into The Waterfall

My dear amiguita Millie had me laughing this morning! She also reminded me of my own expression of her story.

I see Life as a stream, with various curves, dips, rapids, and waterfalls along the way. People frequently gravitate to me for help.

In my stream of Life, I’ve always loved waterfalls. The majesty of the water dropping from one level to another, reflecting rainbows as Light catches in its mist…For decades, I stood behind the metaphoric waterfall with my hands outstretched, deflecting the cleansing, refreshing, enriching gifts away from me. My intention was to nourish those who came to me for help. “No, no,” I would think, “You first!”

What I started to notice over time is that I felt depleted. People were still reaching out to me for assistance, but the quality of the assistance I could offer was diminishing. I was becoming resentful, petty, small and angry. “When’s it my turn?” I’d fume!

The next time I reached a waterfall, I heard my small still voice whisper “Step into the waterfall.”

“I can’t step into the waterfall,” I thought, “that’s to help others!”

“Step into the waterfall!” I heard more firmly.

“No, I can’t,” I argued. “It’s not for me.”

Step into the waterfall!! This time, the voice was not so small and still. It seemed to boom inside my skull. So I stepped in.

As I felt the nourishing, cleansing waters cascade over me, I heard my small still voice, now small and still again, saying “Step into the waterfall. Allow the Soul to cleanse, replenish and enrich the run-off for whoever comes after to be enriched. In that way, you benefit AND those seeking your help benefit MORE.”

Now when I come upon the waterfalls in my stream of Life, I joyfully step in, knowing that Self Love must flow through me first!


9 thoughts on “Step Into The Waterfall

  1. What a beautiful visualization of restoring yourself and where to do it! I visualize being in a rejuvenation chamber that has components that change – crystals, healing plasma combinations from the Keshe Foundation tech, full spectrum light lol…yours is so pure M. Thank you for sharing it!

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