Please Vote

www.coachingbytext.comIt has been an inordinately stressful and ugly campaign for the office of President of the United States.

If you are a U.S. Citizen, registered to vote, please exercise your right and your civic duty.

Please remember that this is a job application with a horrifically grueling interview process. Take a moment, or two, to think about what the job entails and to assure yourself that the candidate of your choice is the best qualified to fill the position, in your considered estimation.

Please remember that millions of other voters will also be casting their votes today. The outcome is not a reflection on the quality of your vote. In other words, whoever gets the most votes in the election will then have the job to go on and govern ALL of us. Not just the people who voted for them.

If it happens that the candidate of your choice is not the one selected by the majority, please remember that you, your friends and loved ones, are still citizens of this republic. After you’ve had your tantrum and hissy-fit, you do not get to walk away and sanctimoniously state that the elected candidate is not your president. Be the grown-up.

Your responsibility after you walk out of the voting booth, having cast your votes, is to continue giving feedback to your elected representatives about their efforts to represent you, their constituent. So, please remember to sign petitions, call-fax-email your representatives offering your point of view on issues pending votes. They need your guidance. This is a critical part of a representative democracy that is largely neglected both by the elected representatives and, more grievously, by the represented constituents.

Whatever the outcome today, tomorrow will dawn like any other: We will all still continue to have the opportunity to make a difference. If we choose to exercise it.


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