Life Goes On!

The election is, thankfully, over.

The results are in.

In our household, we’re rolling up our sleeves and donning our rubber gloves. It’s time to clean up and move along.

The most important thing to remember is that Life still happens one breath, one moment, one step at a time. Whatever apocalyptic visions we may entertain at our most fearful moments, the truth is that we have no idea how the new presidency will unfold. I’ve always found worrying about the unknown, and, more specifically about things I have no control over, is a colossal waste of energy.

We had already started taking actions to improve our lives before the election took place. Talking things through today, once we got past the hyperventilation, we realized that we are not as powerless in choosing our future as it would appear. Whew!

It helps that we have a strong and healthy family community and we are able to support one another through our moments of stress.

Breathing is my go-to stress-relieving tool.

Inhale  Unconditional Love and Joy (as I inhale, I think the words and feel the feelings pulse through every cell and fiber of my Being).

Exhale fear and doubt (as I exhale, I think the words and feel the feelings leave my mind and body).

Repeat as needed.

7 thoughts on “Life Goes On!

  1. How I wish everyone saw it this way. I know people are afraid. I get that. I don’t want to scoff at people’s emotions . . . they are what they are. I’m not in the happiest place about this either. But, I had hoped once it was over that so would be the vitriol. As I put on my facebook page, one person (a president), does not define us. WE define us.

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