To The Young Man Who Failed

to sell me puffiness reduction cream for those bags under my eyes:

How dare you?

How dare you imply that I adhere to an aesthetic standard other than my own?

How dare you suggest that my beauty needs improvement?

How dare you assume that I’m so insecure in what I have to offer that I’d be interested in purchasing what you have to offer?

And, no, asking me “Don’t you think you deserve beauty?” is NOT putting a positive spin on it. I’m already beautiful. Aging did not diminish the pleasantness of my appearance, although it has definitely diminished my tolerance for being objectified.

You think there’s room for improvement? Keep it to yourself. Don’t like the way I look? Avert your eyes. Do NOT accost me as I walk on Broadway minding my own business to cast aspersions on my appearance under the guise of helping me attain a standard of beauty you assume I aspire to.

I know you’re just doing your job. As a sales person, you need to learn to read people better!

I’m an old lady who’s comfortable in her own skin. Deal with it!

There. Is that tart enough?

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