Clearing The Traffic Jam

One of the headlines in the digital version of The New York Times today reads

“Democrats  May Try Surprising Strategy: Align With Trump.”

It’s a spin that does an enormous disservice to the American people. The more accurate point of view is that after years of obstructionism and whining from the Republican members of congress, the Democrats are actually trying to move forward on an agenda that benefits the constituents who elected them. Imagine that: politicians actually earning their paychecks. Bravi!

I get a lot of petitions every day; and I sign a lot of them. The one I got yesterday asking me to tell Congress to continue with the stupidity of bringing the work of the nation of a halt because of some ill-conceived party politics is not one that will get signed anytime soon. I’ll just let that percolate for a bit.

9 thoughts on “Clearing The Traffic Jam

  1. Personally, I don’t see how this country got any better when it was all Democrats with Obama, nor has it gotten any better with the Republicans. From my perspective, most of those in DC are doing things to benefit themselves ( on both sides) and not the country. I can see both “my side” and the “opposing side” as corrupt and useless to the American people. I do not believe democrats or republicans have our best interests in mind, only their own. The average salary of middle America over the last 8 years has gone down, and I can attest to it, because my husband was making less for the same job before the present potus took office (he has since changed careers, but still hasn’t matched his salary from 8 years ago). In 2012, the average middle class family’s income went down by 8.2%, and that was mostly the Democrats in office then. Salaries have not recovered much since. Also, our healthcare costs have skyrocketed. So, we are making less and paying more for healthcare … LOTS more. Neither side has done anything to address this (or the myriad of other problems), not the R’s or the D’s. I can’t see how anyone can’t support either party when things just keep getting worse.

    1. I agree with you, Lori. My own view is that political parties are for politicians to join and for constituents to be aware of. The party platform offers a prospective voter a thumbnail sketch of what a candidate is about. More research should flesh it out. I don’t see the benefit to constituents to declare for any party. The minute they do, they become a notch on that figurative belt and the party is off courting the next one. We become a sort of head-count for support.

      More important is for the people of the nation to engage in the dialogue ALL THE TIME. Not just during presidential election years. Not just inside the voting booth. I’m very heartened by the level of engagement currently displayed by the population and hope that it continues.

      Lincoln was correct when he said government is “of the people, for the people, by the people” The people have been rather lax in honoring their responsibilities in a participatory government. We’ve forgotten that our elected representatives are public servants, meaning they are elected to represent and serve their constituents, not to amass power. And the notion of “powerful” people is a belief that we would all do well to release ourselves from. We are each and every one of us powerful. In the governing process we lend our power to a common goal. Then forget we can take it back and, thus, suffer.

      We are not the powerless victims we perceive ourselves to be. It’s time we woke up and claimed what is rightfully ours!

      Start at the local level and support the people who are doing a good job now. I continue to be impressed with the Council Member in our district for his willingness to bring people together to work through the hard stuff. We’ll be watching and supporting him as he moves along in his political career.

      I hear, and share, your frustration with a system that barely functions. Let’s all of us join out intention for our individual and collective good and take appropriate action wherever and whenever we can! 😉

      1. I agree with just about everything, Margarita. Except, I haven’t seen a good level of dialogue engagement with the population. I’ve seen lots of name-calling of “the right” for voting in this president-elect, especially the generalizing of half this country as bigots. I did not vote for this person who got elected, but I am a member of this so-called “bigoted right,” and I’m hurt and offended to be labeled as such. It’s not in my nature to be what perfect strangers and friends alike have labeled me. This is not helpful in any way that brings us together, but instead, is divisive.

        I agree that we aren’t powerless victims. I believe our fate is in our own hands, and that we should be helping each other in our smaller communities. For that very reason, I’m not for big government and a member of “the right.” Not to mention, the amassing of power and corruption when a government gets so big.

      2. I’m so sorry, Lori, that you have been tarred with the rhetoric that those who represent us have spouted.
        Let’s examine for a moment what big government is:
        Social Security
        Food Stamps
        Public Education
        Public works such as the infrastructure of the country, public transportation, power grids
        Making college affordable and attainable to everyone

        Sadly, big government also means a huge military budget that is abused by private contractors and more money goes to weapons of destruction than goes to the brave men and women who serve, put their lives on the line, and return to diminished, or abrogated, benefits.

        Which one of these items would it be to your benefit to cancel?

        We the people, have a responsibility to oversee what our representatives are doing. WE ARE THE BOSS. Not the other way around. Because we forget that small and important detail, we seem to be constantly railing at “them.”

        Politics seems to have devolved into a gladiatorial contest to the death. A sport of winners and losers.

        This country is NOT a sports arena! The government of this country owes its existence to ALL of us, not just to the voters of the victorious party. And we must ALL, not just some, contribute to it.

        You and I are having a dialogue. One I’m grateful for. One I believe should be engaged in, respectfully, by everyone.

        Maybe we can be an example of how dialogue looks and keep the ball rolling? 😉 xoxoM

  2. Hi Margarita. I fear disagreeing, because when I tell people I don’t believe it’s up to the government to take care of us, I’m labeled cold-hearted and without compassion for others. But, here it is, I believe it’s up to US to do for each other. Going through bureaucracy and red tape and then not even getting programs that work is not my idea of compassion. We have charities and private organizations to help each other. We have family and friends and neighbors. Giving money away to the government takes away our ability to give it to charity. It takes away our opportunities to connect with each other. Putting our care in the hands of government takes away empowerment. The government is inept. Relying on them to dole out our hard-earned money is dependency and disempowering.

    It’s beyond me why the government is responsible for mine or anyone else’s education.

    I could go on an on about how each agency you named is useless (Social Security won’t even have money left when we retire, after all these years of us putting money in), but I don’t see how this dialogue can fix anything. It won’t change my mind, and I don’t think it will change your mind. So, I’ll leave you with two things.

    1) Check out this link of all the government agencies that our salaries are going toward. Go to the link and click on government agencies A to Z. You’ll see there are plenty more than the ones you named here. It may take you weeks to read through them all.

    2) Discussing issues is not what I believe will bring us together. I think we need to listen to each other’s worries and concerns for their lives. Find out how we can help each other. Listen to each other and find out who we are deep down. Care about each other and not try to tell each other that they’re thinking “wrong” about the issues.

    1. Yes, we have diametrically opposed viewpoints, Lori, lol.Very difficult to meet in the middle with that dynamic.

      In any event, if I understand correctly, we do have one thing in common: we are each committed to doing our best to help ourselves and those around us. Different means to a similar end? 😉 xoxoM

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