Lead With Courage And Compassion


The past couple of weeks have been emotional and tumultuous. Recent events have plunged us into all kinds of speculations and apocalyptic girding of loins. For all of us, the presidential election has upended our expectations and views. Whether or not it was the result we hoped for, we’ve all been taken aback.

The most visceral emotion we’ve shared is fear. Fear of the unknown. Of what we think we know. Of how we believe events will continue to unfold. We’ve been scorched by fear.


Reel your chattering mind and runaway emotions in.

Life happens one breath at a time. So breathe!

As you inhale, imagine yourself bringing Unconditional Love and Joy into your body. Observe the golden Light embrace every fiber and cell of your Being.

With your exhalation, imagine the darkness of fear and doubt exiting your Being. Through your nostrils. Evaporating from the pores in your skin.

Repeat theΒ  process, nourishing yourself with the Unconditional Love and Joy on the inhale; allowing the golden Light to cleanse the toxins of fear and doubt from every thought, every emotion, every fiber and cell of your Being.

And once more: inhale Unconditional Love and Joy… exhale fear and doubt.

Yes, the way is unclear. It looks like a tangled mess out there.

One breath, one moment, one step at a time,Β  lead with the Light of Courage and Compassion.


8 thoughts on “Lead With Courage And Compassion

      1. πŸ™‚ oh you’re welcome! It was funny because I was just thinking about the air the other day, and the thisrt for renewal by the elements and I felt that in your post! Thank you

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