Don’t Look Back…

…and don’t look too far forward, because you’ll scare yourself.

Sage advice I received many years ago that has helped me navigate the challenges in my life.

It’s wonderful to take a walk down Memory Lane, to re-live cherished moments of love and laughter. I’ve found it less fruitful to dwell on perceived slights and errors. Instead of uplifting and inspiring me to improve, they seem to mire me in doubt, fear, andΒ  recriminations for making stupid mistakes.

I’m committed to self-forgiveness. NOW. Every day.

A year is way too far forward for me to look. I’ve noticed that I live my life one breath, one thought, one moment, one step, one day at a time. If I’m fretting about what may or may not happen a year, much less four or ten years, from now, I’ll miss the cues about what I need to do NOW.

I’m committed to paying attention to what’s going down NOW, with an awareness of what I might need tomorrow. The future is rooted in my actions today. Therefore, it behooves me to be alert to my opportunities and possibilities today that I may have a solid foundation to continue creating my life tomorrow.

Happy first day of 2017!


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