I’m often accused of being an idealist as if I have no grasp on “reality.” Oy!

Just because I hold fast to my view of how the world should be doesn’t mean I’m blind to the world around me. The two concepts, idealism and realism, are not mutually exclusive and, in my view, are best harnessed in tandem.

Rock Center Tree 003-01.jpg

Nowhere to float? Skate!

8 thoughts on “Float

  1. I totally agree! I know Harry Potter is a fantasy character but I love a line in the last book. HP asks Dumbledote ” Is this reality or just happening in my head ?” The reply ” It’s happening in your head and why shouldn’t that be real?”

  2. I appreciate your views Margarita and we may not always agree on the way there but we do agree on the final destination πŸ™‚ Much love to you M! It’s cold here today!

  3. I consider myself a realist, but I totally understand your idealist perspective. It’s more like being optimistic, at least to me.

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