My daughter and I took to the streets today with several hundred thousand fellow New Yorkers, vigorously exercising our freedom of speech and standing…well, walking in our power.

It is my right to decide how I care for my body in privacy. I will NOT allow anyone to legislate me out of my right to choose. I exercised that right thirty years ago when I chose to have a child as a single woman. I will protect every woman’s right to make her own choice, safely and fearlessly.

23 thoughts on “Privacy

    1. You’re welcome! The patriarchy has been dying for a long time. As its death knell rings louder, its death throes grow more vicious. I will not be quelled. πŸ˜‰ xoM

  1. I have held the strong belief that people who cannot ovulate should not be legislating over those who can lol. Thank you M for your courage and speaking out.

    1. Me, too, Beth. There’s an action on Tue, urging us to demonstrate in front of our U.S. Senators local offices, to protest the completely inadequate Cabinet nominations. I’ll be there! πŸ˜‰ xoM

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