www.coachingbytext.comI will continue to connect within and to act out.

The potential for devastation from inaction does not bear countenancing.


10 thoughts on “Devastation

    1. Hmmm..that kind of sounds like if one is miserable and accepts the situation with that alignment why would anyone wish to change that. Did I get that as you intended?

      1. Well Margarita, what would make one accept a situation which is miserable? My sense is that for anything to be accepted, it has to align with who we are and what does not give us discomfort.



      2. Yes!

        Are you familiar with what is known as the Serenity prayer?

        God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
        Courage to change the things I can,
        And the wisdom to know the difference.

        The message on the placard is attributed to Angela Davis, an American political activist who worked from the outside in.

        You might note from the actions the individual currently occupying the Oval Office has taken that while he’s full of self-awareness, he exhibits no Self-awareness. Since we are known by the company we keep, those supporting and approving of this individual’s actions are pleased. Alignment!

        It behooves those who do not align to continue standing in their own power and expressing their own Consciousness. The climate here is “You lost. Shut up!”

        Not happening, my friend.

        Those who wish to align are, of course, free to do so.

        Those who do not, need to know they are neither alone nor unsupported. 😉 xoM

      3. Hi Margarita,

        Yes! I am aware of the Serenity prayer.But does merely knowing the prayer allow us to practice?

        While I neither know enough nor would like to pass a judgment on the newly elected American President, I can only say that his success, just like any leader’s success, would be his ability to “listen” and address the concerns of all stakeholders as he envisons a future in which he would like his country to live into. For that alignment becomes critical.



      4. LOL! No, Shakti, merely knowing something does not insure its practice.

        I am neither teacher nor preacher. I am simply standing in my power and stating my Truth.

        Will my posts change anyone who thinks differently? Not likely.

        Will they provide food for thought for a querying someone? Perhaps.

        And, yes, we shall see what we are lead into. Some of us willingly. Others resisting. That is the human experience. 😉 xoxoM

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