Filter out the alternative facts.



Focus on what matters.


13 thoughts on “Filter

      1. I know Margarita – these past few days have been like that. We just have to keep lifting each other up and loving each other through this storm.

  1. Hi Margarita,

    Great thought!

    But Compassion, Equality, We……… are all states of the mind, aspects of our occurring world. So what might be the shift we need to make to have these matter in our lives?


    1. It depends on each individual and their priorities, doesn’t it, Shakti? We are each individual expressions Self, uniquely Conscious, or not. Perhaps a reminder is useful to catalyze further unfoldment. Like everyone else on the planet, I only have power over my own “stuff.” The perception of power beyond that is ephemeral and delusional.

      Our human experience is what we choose it to be despite the external appearances. Once we’re Conscious of That, we are able to express what’s within on the outside.

      Given human proclivities, I’ve found that often we benefit from outer nudges to effect inner shifts. 😉 xoxoM

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