I Am A New Yorker

www.coachingbytext.comNever have been more proud, or more humbled, to be a New Yorker.

Yesterday, hundreds of my fellow citizens went out to John F. Kennedy International Airport to defend the rights of those who, having jumped through myriad bureaucratic hoops, arrived on our shores filled with optimism and gratitude for a better life.

We are a sanctuary city. We welcome everyone. No exceptions.

A decision based on fear is a path to darkness, an emblem of cowardice.

We choose to lead with courage and compassion.


34 thoughts on “I Am A New Yorker

      1. Marched in San Francisco. It was an amazing event. And am now figuring out how best to focus my “resist” energies. Am a little overwhelmed by the craziness. But overall, I am healthy and so is my family. Am working diligently to make headway in getting my manuscripts out into the world. How about you?

      2. Thankfully, we’re all hale, hearty, and not backing down, lol! We were at a coffee and conversation event hosted by our councilman this morning, who urged us to pace ourselves, pick what’s most important to us, and act locally. So that’s what we’re doing! 😉 xoxoM

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I asked my councilman at this morning’s community kaffeeklatsch if we could evict him from his Fifth Avenue perch. Sadly, there is no way to do so at this time. We will continue to persevere! 😉 xoM

  1. While I agree with the sentiment, that poster makes it sound like DJT said those words…..and that is plain crazy! 😀
    Fear never led to anything good, my granddad used to say.

  2. Reblogged this on Write by JE and commented:
    I have to be open. I support Trump but I don’t agree with everything that he is doing. I want unity and we need to get back to being united. Love is the universal law that will unite us. No More walls, instead let us bridge out gaps. #Love #NoMoreWalls

  3. From my perspective, Obama was a bully. He condescended to me. He called me hateful names. He treated me like I was a piece of dirt. Those who supported him treated me the same way. I think it’s time we stop complaining about and blaming our leaders and take a look at our own behavior. When we support bullies and join in with their rhetoric, WE are the ones tearing this country apart. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a leader won’t ruin us, it’s us that will ruin us by joining in with bully leaders to attack each other.

    1. We’ve all had our experiences with bullies, Lori. And we all, last I looked, still have the right to speak our truths.

      While you’re welcome to speak here, my blog is a tiny space. And we’ve already agreed to disagree. Where else are you speaking out, my dear, that your voice may be amplified? 😉 xoM

      1. If we are to be equal and fair, I would think both sides get to have a chance to speak their piece. I’m trying to give another perspective, but I’m not being listened to.

        If you’re willing to listen, and to bear with me, I’ll answer your question.

        My facebook friends list is 50/50 liberal to conservative. I see one conservative post to every 10 liberal posts. They are being much louder and drowning out opposing voices. But, both sides should be allowed to speak and to be heard.

        We are told that liberals are the compassionate ones, but they show no compassion for those with opposing views. I’ve tried time and again to be listened to and be heard, but I get called nasty names instead. Though you have been kind toward me, I feel as though you are telling me that since we’ve agreed to disagree, you’re no longer willing to hear me. I’m supposed to be “doing something” about it like you. Isn’t speaking my opposing view to give another perspective, doing something?

        As I’ve said before, I did not vote for either candidate, but this is why we have the president we do. Those whose voices were not being listened to, wanted to be heard. The previous president of this country was belittling and even mocking his own citizens if they disagreed with his agenda. His supporters joined in. So, those people who were being belittled became hurt and afraid for their families. They chose someone who would treat the other side the same way they felt treated.

        I do not agree with that decision, but this was the point of my original comment. People are following their leaders and their ideologies blindly, without considering what they’re doing to each other. We are now the Divided States of America.

        As far as what I’m doing … well, I try to speak out but my voice is drowned. Liberals do not understand what conservatives do regularly. We get involved and make differences in our smaller communities. We don’t like to complain, we like to DO. We also don’t like to force our ideology on an entire country. We like to come together with similar ideas in smaller communities.

      2. If your intention is to be heard, my dear, speak to your heart’s content. I hear you.

        We are each saying the same thing: speak your truth; stand in your own power; take action as you see fit.

        If your intention is to change my mind about something, well, then you will, sadly, be disappointed. And for that, Lori, I do apologize. 😦 xoxoM

      3. There is nothing in my comment that even talks about the issues. So, I do not feel I’m being heard, or at least, I’m not being understood. I’m trying to point out how divided we are because we’re following leaders who belittle and demean the opposition on both sides. Liberals and conservatives are going back and forth blaming each other, and it’s getting us no where but more divided. I’m saying that it’s about how we treat each other that will ruin us. If people don’t agree with this very basic tenant to treat each other with respect and compassion, then we are already ruined. I can’t help but wonder what would happen if conservative protesters showed up opposing liberal protesters in the same streets. I must admit, I am curious why these protests weren’t held when Obama did the very same with immigration.

      4. I don’t speak for the masses. I speak for myself.

        Why aren’t conservatives out there speaking up for themselves?

        I can hear you feel strongly about this, Lori, and I wonder why you don’t post so eloquently on your own blog?

        I feel you are directing your anger at me. I’m glad you’re able to release the toxins. From my perspective, it feels like an energetic regurgitation and although I’m quite willing to figuratively hold your head while you relieve yourself, I’m not willing to be the target of the toxins.

        It still sounds like you’re trying to convince me of something and I simply don’t understand what or why. 😉 xoM

      5. You’re right, you really aren’t understanding a word I’m saying. I could continue to try to explain, but it seems I’m only making matters worse. That is the exact opposite of what I was trying to do. It really is a sad day when friends can’t even come together because of one man (who I don’t even like, btw). I’m not angry, and I’m sorry if I’ve come across that way.

        Your last several posts have been political. I didn’t respond to most of them. Since you have a public blog, not everyone who may come across it will agree with you.

        As far as my blog goes, it is not meant for political conversation. My blog is meant to show our similar human experiences in life to bring us together. I do have a place online that I share my personal views, but Lori’s Lane is meant to be a safe place where readers can comment without fearing political agendas being thrown on them.

        Blessings to you, Miss M.

      6. The point of my blog is similar to yours, Lori. The context is, indeed, political lately. However, it is meant to encourage contemplation of the reader’s Truth. I’m already stating mine. My political agenda is to encourage everyone to speak up. It’s not about persuading anyone to a particular point of view.

        I don’t expect everyone, or even anyone, to agree with me. I am simply expressing a point of view. As we all do on our blogs. I respect your point of view, and I recognize deeply held beliefs. I have no reason, intention, or ability to persuade you to change your Truth, Lori.

        You are always welcome to visit, my dear, and to express your views. Please know that I will not engage in debate. I’m sure there are plenty of places where one may engage thusly.

        Spoiler alert: I will continue to state my Truth. I will continue to respect my readers’ Truths. This is a place to safely to agree to disagree. 😉 xoM

  4. Had to turn to Google to see what the protest was about at JFK Airport. I am going to ask a question the answer of which has been published in our electronic media. Is it true that onl;y 19% of registered voters voted for your currennt President? Or can you verify or deny this please?

  5. Thanks you for reading my blog. If you liked it and would like to share it on your social media site please do. My goal is to have a voice for Christ around the globe. You might also check out my book link if interested. Thanks again, Jim

    1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Gangs of New York, Arjun. It was an especially violent time in New York City history when immigrants were demeaned and mistreated. While not perfect now, we do appreciate our immigrant community in New York City. As a sanctuary city, we are doing our best within our neighborhoods and communities to help inform our immigrants of their rights and options. 😉 xoM

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