My maternal grandmother was a gifted storyteller. Born in a time when educating girls was not a priority, she was barely literate and exceptionally intelligent.

www.coachingbytext.comOne evening, when I was nine or ten years old, she was telling us children about the family’s flight from war-torn Yugoslavia during World War II. She told us how she, my then eleven-year-old mother and newborn aunt, had to evacuate on the trains. She spoke with great feeling about how they had to get out of the trains and hide in the fields whenever they heard aircraft overhead. She talked about the fear and desolation at the various camps they traveled through…and then the profound terror when they were told to leave the train at one of them.

The group they were traveling in were ordered to a barracks, where they were instructed to leave their belongings, strip naked – women, children, men all in one large room – given bars of soap and filed into a communal shower to de-louse. My grandmother described how some people began crying and wailing when they entered the shower, having noticed that the soap was in fact stone, that the shower heads were fake and there were no drains in the floor. Some began shouting and pounding on the doors, begging for help. After what seemed like an eternity, the doors were flung open and the people were ordered out and instructed to dress and claim their belongings.

Yes, my family saw the inside of the infamous Nazi gas chambers.

At this point in the story, with all us children hanging on her every word, and the adults in the room who’d experienced these horrors nodding sadly, she would express gratitude for the soldier who’d realized that they had sent the wrong group of people into the chambers because they were not Jews.

I wondered then, as I wonder still, Why is there a “right” group of people?

I’m well aware of how fear and intimidation look and feel. I will not be silenced.


23 thoughts on “Aware

  1. I am glad your family was saved, M. At the same time, it is a horrifying thought: that people have persecuted (and are still trying to) a group of people they believe to be different. It is a sad “reality”. But it should never be.

    1. Thanks, Jenny. I still can’t conceive that there would be any “right” people to harm and systematically persecute. It’s been many decades since I’ve heard this story and I’m still baffled. xoxoM

  2. Oh my God. This is terrifying. I think it was probably healthy for your grandma to tell those stories … express her experiences so they didn’t get bottled up.

    No one wants to be silenced, We’ve all felt the fear and concern of not being heard. I’ve been there. I have felt the fear of no one caring about what (I see) is vitally important for humanity and feeling helpless aside from my voice. I still feel it. There is no “right” group. I hear your concern. Your fears do matter. In fact, I have a blog drafted for tomorrow about this very topic.

    1. Thank you, Lori! I know fear to be a human ion and illusion, not Truth, so with constant practice, I am able to not engage it. I agree, there is no “right” group, no matter the claims to the contrary. Black lives matter. Muslim lives matter. Women’s lives matter. Christian lives matter. Police officers’ lives matter. Children’s lives matter. Life matters, regardless of race, gender identification, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or lack thereof. We are all worthy of respect, of a safe roof over our heads, of enough food to nourish our bodies, of medical attention when we require it regardless of cost, of an excellent education that we may be strong, productive members of our societies. I know Truth expresses from the inside out and I stand in mine with the hope that by example others will stand in their own Truth, that we may unify in Oneness, however That manifests through each of us, not be polarized by our human perceptions.

      I look forward to visiting you tomorrow, my friend, to read the treasures you choose to share! 😉 xoM

    1. Thanks, Annie. I’m sure she’ll let me know which one and when to share the next one. Even though she left her body thirty years ago, my grandmother still likes to tell me what to do, lol! 😉 xoxoM

  3. Margarita, this is a rivetting story … Thank you for sharing it.
    What strong wonderful people your forbears are, and what an inspiration strong courageous women are.
    And there are so many of them, thank GOD.
    With love to you, Valerie

  4. Excellent story, it is a very good read. I am going to go ahead and reblog this one for you, hopefully this will send a few more readers and followers your direction. I hope you have a great week, God’s blessings to you and to your loved ones.

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