6 thoughts on “Aquí Estamos

  1. Of course. (But we can deport the ones without papers arrested in the cock fighting raid last weekend? As well as the ones who hire the undocumented, pay them less than they should in cash and threaten to turn them into ICE if they complain. We have to end the cruel shadow existence of so many. )

  2. We noticed that since the travel ban was overturned that new housing construction has resumed down the street. We feel so bad for these workers as we suspect they are not being paid what they are worth. They are ironically building houses for people who are working at the place that is set up to deport them…just sick. Part of me suspects the ban was overturned for not entirely honorable reasons. We know from having a new fence put up a year or so ago what happens to the workers — sometimes they aren’t sure they will even be paid.

  3. I spent time talking to the guys who built our fence, one didn’t speak English, that they had instances where they didn’t get paid for their work. Texas is very hypocritical. They don’t want the immigrants to be here but don’t want them as a labor force to leave either. Very dysfunctional relationship!

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