Val & Chi

www.coachingbytext.comVal, our recent adoptee, is settling in nicely.

Chi, who got delivered with the dog food ten years ago, is adjusting nicely.

Both our furry girls are working through their security issues… nicely.

To our members of Congress: Val and Chi are available to coach you on collaborating nicely.

15 thoughts on “Val & Chi

  1. It might do our Government folks and our country good to have lots of therapy pets on hand! Glad Val and Chi are doing well together. Love to you!

    1. Those would definitely be taxpayer dollars well-spent, Jackie! Yes, our girls are warming up to one another. It’s fun to watch! 😉 xoxoM

  2. Hard to look at the kitty. I had a small gray and white one named Kao. Had to give her up years ago along with two sisters and a dog. 😔

      1. No I did not! How funny! I don’t remember. She and all our pets came from the pound. Think I’ll have to write about those cats. Therapy in a pen, or finger on the iPad, as the case may be….Ill get back to you about the name.🦋

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